10 very rare dog breeds

Decided to make a list of 10 very rare dog breeds in the World. Some breeds of dogs it is impossible to meet on the street or at a dog show, and can only be seen in the Photo or in zoos, so they are rare.

Very old miniature dog breed, originally from Scotland. These little shaggy dogs barely reach the weight of 10 kg, and the height at the withers 20 cm But despite their mini size, this dog is brave and loyal. In the formation of the breed took part ancient Scottish Terriers, Bedlington and taxes. Unfortunately, this breed is on the verge of degeneration and even in their homeland these individuals not so much, so I made it to the list, as one of the very rare breeds of dogs.

A very ancient native breed of dogs, the first mention of it date back to 1267. Officially a water dog was registered in 1938 in Portugal, and quickly gained popularity. However, by the end of the 20th century, the breed almost ceased to exist as a species. Breed of dogs along with the owners emigrated to the countries: America, Europe, where at the moment the officially registered just over 600 individuals. All owners of Portuguese water dogs say that the dog is extremely friendly, playful, loves to swim, justifying its name, great bird hunters and swimmers. Very well saidanything about these dogs one of the breeders of this breed of Marilyn Rimmer. “These dogs are real clowns, they won’t be bored!”

Levchin or lion dog, got its name, thanks to a bizarre haircut. This French breed miniature dogs, a relative of modern lapdogs. The first world war almost wiped the breed from the face of the earth. Listed in the Guinness Book of records in 1960, as a very rare breed of dog. Every year in France is born no more than 100 individuals of this breed.

This breed is also considered one of the very rare dogs. The exact origin is unknown. It is believed that the ancestors of the breed were wolves and wild dogs the Dingo, which appeared over six thousand years ago. Many people call a dog, a fugitive, an outcast. The name “singing”, the dog got a unique voice, howl, he recalls the singing of birds that do not tend to domestic dogs. These dogs are rarely seen at home in Australia, often in zoos around the world. The breed is not officially recognized, and remains a mystery to this day.

This breed is also called Vlcak Czechoslovak, Czech Volfhund, which occurred of these places relatively recently in the 50-ies of the last century. Volfhund is a cross between a German shepherd and Carpathian wolf wild. It was bred for service purposes, the search works, for military operations etc. Now this breed is considered very rare, as because of his wild fits of temper, only experienced breeders and handlers. The breed was recognized by the FCI in 1994.

The Mudi is a very rare sheep dog from Hungary. Specifically this breed nobody deduced, occurred in the 19th century in their natural habitat. Was used as a shepherd dog, guard flocks, and even a catcher of rats and mice. The Mudi is a medium strong dog, with good health and cheerful disposition, a generic dog, however, does not have special popularity at home.

A very rare hunting breed of dog from Turkey. The catalburun, means “split nose” that is consistent with the appearance of the dog. To be honest, I first see and hear about such an odd breed. The exact origin is unknown, many believe that the unique nose of this breed, the consequences of inbreeding. Undoubtedly one: the Catalburun is a great scent, they are great for hunting in mountainous Turkish terrain.

The breed is the national pride of the country Holland, but common in the U.S. and Europe. Is a hunting breed, and has more than 3,500 individuals around the world.

Rare dog breed from America, the symbol of Louisiana. Almost not known outside of the state. Or catahoula Leopard Hound, dog shepherd. Guarding and herding flocks of pigs, cows, and other cattle. A notable feature of these dogs are almost whitish – transparent eyes.

The Otterhound is translated from English Vydrovymi hound, a very rare breed of dog that appeared in the UK in the 19th century. A hunting breed is a descendant of the Bloodhound and old Airedale. The Otterhound is a large dog(40-54 kg) rough coat, used in hunting game birds and animals. Now the breed is on the verge of extinction, there are about 1000 species worldwide, in particular in the United States.

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