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Interesting fact: the Main habitat of the degu of Chile and the Andes mountains. The locals called this animal mountain squirrel, as most of these rodents live on the altitude of over 2500 meters.

Degu – gregarious animals. The pack consists of 25 to 75 individuals. At home degu can contain, separately or together, you can create opposite-sex and same-sex of animals: they are peace-loving and not show aggression to each other.

Decorative rat, kapusany color

Interesting fact: fancy rats are very intelligent and quite easy to train. Often at various exhibitions rodents are competitions for fancy rats.

Many owners teach their dogs commands and tricks. Most fancy rats have no trouble remembering his name and respond to it.

Interesting fact: Djungarian hamsters have seasonal adaptation: in winter, they shed, and their fur is almost completely white (grey blotches disappear, only the stripe on the back).

Djungarian hamsters are especially active at dusk and late at night. In nature each animal digs a burrow that has several entrances and the office for recess.

Interesting fact: Domestic ferrets are not domesticated a copy of their wild ancestors: they have different body type,demeanor (this is normal), Latin names.

In many European languages domestic and wild ferrets are called differently. For example, wild “French” are named putois, at the time as home – furet.

Lop-eared rabbit “sheep”

Lop-eared rabbit “sheep”

Interesting fact. This breed appeared due to Dutch specialist A. de Coca. When in 1952 he devised a plan for the removal of a miniature version of the French “sheep”, few believed in the success of this enterprise. The problem in breeding pygmy breeds is, mainly, that the ears also become less. In consequence of insufficient length, and, respectively, and weight, the ears can’t hover.

No matter what, Coca De managed to achieve success thanks to what modern Dutch dwarf rabbits are the owners of beautiful hanging ears. Speaking of which, the ears of Dutch dwarf “sheep” hangs immediately from birth: the process of “sagging” takes about 4 weeks (in some cases up to 12 weeks).

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