Animals from the cities go to the country

The holiday season is a wonderful time not only for us but for our Pets – cats and dogs. They get unlimited freedom, the joy together with us stay in nature and, like us, with nostalgia, this delightful period in the winter. Believe me, they are waiting for it again no less than we are.

Pets are equal members of the family and the attitude towards them, sometimes, is the same as for loved ones. Their health and mood is important for us not less, than ours. To ensure that our Pets remain cheerful and active throughout the summer season, we want to give you some advice of a veterinarian. Here are some points that you need to pay attention.



Long and safe protection from fleas ticks




Poisonous plants

Deworming, and why she’s the first you ask? We’re at the cottage has not yet traveled, contact with the environment had not. Not that simple. Our Pets have contact with this environment, because we bring it on our shoes and raw products in the house. Cats and dogs love to lick feet and posledniaya feces on the street and eat “delicacies” with garbage. Raw meat and especially fish not fully thermally processed, ensure the same helminthiasis. Helminths obtained from the mother’s milk is also not uncommon in our time.It is possible that this last season your pet has had fleas even if it be one, and it is 100% guaranteed helminthic infestations.

I hope you have seen that you can protect your beloved pet from the bot you can’t even at home.

Regular treatment, 1 time in three months, you need only in country conditions during the summer season. If the cat lives in the winter at home, her treatment is only needed for the return into town and 2 weeks prior to the annual vaccination. Its better to do 1 month before departure to the country.

Which brings us to the main topic of vaccination.Deworming was necessary to ensure that the body has responded adequately to the vaccine, namely, the generation of antibodies to those infections from which your pet is vaccinated. In the presence of a worm infestation, even if minimal, to the body cannot adequately respond, as he’s already busy fighting worms.

Every year from infections killed an impressive number of dogs and cats. This season occurs in the summer during a time of greatest contact between individuals. Infection, from which you can protect your Pets with preventive vaccination:

Cats: calicivirus infection, panleukopenia, viral rhinotracheitis, rabies, chlamydia, viral leukemia.

Dogs: infectious hepatitis, distemper, parvovirus(sweatshirt), parainfluenza(cough kennels), two strains of leptospirosis, rabies.

Exist and therapeutic vaccines such as zoster.

Vaccination against rabies is mandatory, since our region is not free then it is deadly to humans and animals diseases.

Protection against fleas and ticks

When I start it? The answer is simple: before your pet can pick up (the appearance of the green grass). If your pet has allergies!treatment for spend only in the city, and, in case of itching, sneezing, swelling urgently contact the veterinary clinic. With you to the cottage should take only proven medications. Allergy sufferers are treated monthly for fleas, prevent flea dermatitis.

In the case of cats that stay home, we need to process for 1-3 days before departure to the country. There are rare places where Blohm Flax.area no. This is due to the fact that in the little circle of home inet homeless animals. But dogs can handle, you still have the spring, when it was still in the city and on his return from the country.

If your cottage is located to the South of Leningrad.the field, the dogs need to be processed more often than 1 time per month. This is due to the area of the life of the tick transmitting piroplasmosis (a parasitic blood disease). It is very dangerous for dogs and cats. There is a preventative vaccine. Its efficiency is 75% .

What drugs to use? In stores a huge range of products: powders, sprays, collars, drops on the withers. Pay attention to the expiration dates and the duration of drug action. They are very different, with protection from ticks much of coachesaid from fleas. Collars are not desirable animals have had an allergic reaction.

If the tick on your pet yet found it, you must delete it manually. It is important to remove all of the tick entirely and not to leave the head. Need to grab the tick with tweezers or tweezers for eyebrows and you rotate it counterclockwise without pulling on himself. There is a special device to remove cleanuptime TickTwister. You can buy them in any pharmacy at a veterinary clinic or pet store. Remote ticks collected in the package, which was well knotted, and then destroy.

If you remove the tick entirely failed or are you afraid to get a tick, or not sure that you do it correctly, contact the veterinary clinic.

It is important to transport Pets transport to carry. They, like people, need protection in case of extreme situations.

Loose in the car, ispytyvayuschih overload,gain great speed. The cat may be on your face at the most critical moment, and a large dog to fly through the windshield. Carrying for animals should be fixed.Cats and dogs feel more comfortable in the cage if they are accustomed to it.If the animal is sick in the carriage cage, then you don’t have to do the cleaning of the cabin, enough to change a disposable diaper. Before transporting a pet should not eat.

Large dogs should ride in the back seat or in the Luggage compartment.Dogs must be in harness and strapped in. Do not wear a collar – it could cause suffocation.

To walk animals during the long trip to the country is necessary. Do not forget to put the leash on the dog, Yes the cat too. In an unfamiliar situation the animal may be frightened and run away. Be sure to offer water, but do not put her in the kennel.

Protect the carrier from the sun, but leave the ventilation open. Do not leave the dog and cat in the car in the sun. Your Pets can die from overheating in a very short time.If accustomed to proper transportation from the childhood, problems with her in the future will not arise.

To avoid losing your pet, who was fascinated by the country environmental surveys of the territory, put on him a collar with a tag that shows your telephone number, name and address. For participation in exhibitions, travel abroad, transportation around the country (all of which requires a veterinary certificate) is mandatory chipping. Many owners chiprout their Pets, but it is unlikely the person who will find your friend has a scanner, and there is no guarantee that your pet is in the database as the registration is not mandatory and not all clinics do it. Do not rely on chipping.

Poisonous plants and substances

Remember that hyacinth, Foxglove, Lily of the valley, rhubarb, iris, Crocus, rhododendron and chrysanthemum for cats and dogs poisonous. To suppress attempts of the animal to chew on these dangerous plants.If a country plants treated with pesticides or other poisons, protect your pet from contact with them. If the animal is actively interested in what can be a danger for him, it is better to remove it from his sight.Shut off access to the places where you store fertilizers and other chemicals.

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Animals from the cities go to the country
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