Care and maintenance of decorative birds

Feeding . In almost every feed the birds to the normal diet would be good to add grated vegetables mixed with crushed wheat biscuits, fresh greens (young leaves of lettuce, sprouts oats, sa, Canary seed). They can specially be grown in flower pots in the winter. You should remember that the green onion for birds is not only harmful, but also dangerous. Birds love to clean and sharpen your beak on a sugar cube wedged between the bars of the cage. for these purposes, you can use a dry crust of whole wheat bread.

It is useful to periodically pour into the cell a pinch of salt, finely ground eggshell, crushed charcoal, and 2-3 times a month to add to the drinking bird a few drops of diluted potassium permanganate. Poultry fed water only at room temperature. To fill the drinker right from the tap should not be.

Cleaning the cells . During cleaning pull the bottom of the cage should be removed, clean sand, debris, discharge, wipe and allow to dry. Simultaneously push or take out the feeder, cleaned it from the husk of the seed and replenish fresh food. Water bottle washed and filled with water. At least 1 time per month required full cleaning of the cage. At this time a bird transplanted into the spare cage.

Sometimes domestic birds losing their plumage. Caused this sad fact lack of vitamins and minerals. Disease of proyavlyaetsya that the feathers are twisted, break off, incorrectly formed. Parrot, for example, this happens if the diet includes only a mixture of grain, fruits and vegetables. However in the wild they pee try mainly insects and their larvae. The loss of feathers in parrots can also be due to malnutrition, for example, the excessive feeding of sausage, raw meat. In this case, it is first necessary to change the diet.

Young parrots often, seemingly harmless disease is a blackening of the tips of the feathers. As a rule, the cause of the disease lies in the lack of vitamins and poor circulation.

Pet birds should not be fed to any one kind of food. The mixture should consist of at least 3-4 types of grain.

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