Dog surfing Australian

These Australian dogs now, catch the wave, but not cats. Australian surfer decided to direct their abilities in an unusual manner – he teaches dogs how to surf. The man is sure that it is not only fun, but also useful for the education of the pet. And brings the animal to the owner. 53-year-old Chris de Aboitiz (Chris de Aboitiz) won awards as a surfer. He now lives in Sydney (Australia) and teaches anyone who wishes to become closer with their Pets – how to surf together. Chris has four dogs, which he took from the shelter, Millie, Frame, Murph and Max. Together they conquer the waves for 10 years.

Chris is confident that surfing with a dog is not just an unusual activity; it helps pet become more attentive and concentrated, and thus learn to more precisely execute the command. “When you surf with dogs, they can look around, but have to sit on the Board and not move, otherwise you’ll slip and you’ll swallow salt water,” explains the athlete.

And of course, it helps to become closer and learn to feel the animal. “Surfing is not just dog training, it helps to better understand your pet and his behavior,” says Chris. In our opinion, unfortunately,all that man does is someone trained, “help” and allegedly “became close” with the world, however, exploiting it for a mess of pottage. And so in all.

Passionate Aussie believes that many dog owners make mistakes during their training, trying to dominate over the animals and to show his authority. And it is recognized that for effective studying dogs often need to work with their owners.

“To train dogs easily, but still need to train the owner’s” jokes surfer. Chris also works with dogs that have behavior problems. This helps them to feel better and become more disciplined. in the eyes of man.

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