Exotic Pets

However, if You -happy owner of a turtle . leave the illusions — her boss is absolutely not interested. Her are only interested in the dandelions You plucked for her from the lawn. Once the turtles were exotic, now valued mainly for its ruggedness. To date, the most affordable and easy to content exotic animal is a Madagascar cockroach . This cockroach reaches 10 centimetres in length. If you poke it with a stick, will Express their displeasure with a loud hiss. This native of Madagascar is particularly popular among young people. They drop giants on the table to bad teachers. It is unknown who was more frightened — the teacher or the cockroach the poor cockroach. They say the normal cockroaches do not cherish family affection for their fellow man. Quite the contrary — they quickly leave the apartment, after learning about his appearance. Honestly, the Madagascar cockroach is an animal lover.

Those who like animals, touching to a shriek, employees of pet stores advise you to purchase a chinchilla . Chinchilla — furred creature with shiny round eyes and a fluffy tail. Very sociable and curious rodent. Unlike his fellow hamster, had a genuine sympathy for the man.

The most popular exotics — chameleons and iguanas . On the onehand — spectacular reptiles, with another — are not shy of communicating with the host.

Iguanas, for example, like to sit on his shoulder — warm. In the warmer months they can be withdraw to walk on a leash. The nature of these peaceful cute lizards, such as bearded Agama, a bit like the character they’re attached to the owner and clearly recognize him among others. But this applies only to adult specimens. Young and inexperienced people are afraid — they only want to escape. Iguanas live up to 20 years, eat vegetable food. And chameleons prefer insects — crickets, cockroaches and flour worms African (this live feed can be purchased at the pet store).

The owners of the casinos and expensive restaurants often purchase small crocodiles . such as dwarf Caiman so that visitors had something to take a look. But the joy of this animal little is a reptile and without blinking, looking at the fluorescent light. Tiny colorful frogs is much more fun. However, they are very expensive and capricious: they need a special microclimate. Usually contain them in a small terrarium, which recreates a slice of tropical flora. In the natural environment they are quite poisonous. These amphibians do not bite, but poison covered their skin. The fact is that in the wild these frogs eat certain tropical insects that in turn feed on some poisonous plants, and reptiles we feed normal crickets. Therefore, those individuals who by the will of its froggy fate was in our area, absolutely harmless.

Among exotic fishes attention of customers use axolotl . It’s not quite fish — rather, the halffish is palpalentry. It has a long body with small legs. Pink gills defiantly sticking up, giving the axolotl a certain similarity with the Chinese dragon. But the face is not like dragons: blue beady eyes do not Express neither cunning nor malice. But generally good-natured face of the axolotl says about the tendency to philosophical contemplation 🙂 actually the axolotl – “larva” salamanders, but this larva is able to reproduce. That is, it may take the whole life cycle as the axolotls living in the water, and can turn into an adult terrestrial Salamander. For this transformation of the axolotl need to move gradually in a humid terrarium. The paws will disappear and the body will be less than one and a half to two times. Back in the axolotl Salamander becomes, under any circumstances.

The most dangerous hobby to keep at home poisonous snakes or spiders . Especially against poison for which there’s no serum. However, even more or less harmless tarantula can deliver a lot of trouble. The bite of this large spider non-lethal. It is quite a peaceful creature, but if carelessly pull the leg — will bite. The body of a tarantula are covered with short hairs, which often cause allergies.

When you visit the store there is a huge temptation to buy yourself some exotic pet. Of course, in order to create this pet all the conditions for life have to sweat. Otherwise the beast will decide what went to hell during the life of the: the temperature is not the same, fed God knows what… Is that strange creation die a painful death just a few days after buying them at the pet store. The animal is purchased can be a noisy supporter of night life, or to cause allergies, like the aforementioned tarantula… or one day will crawl out of the cage… in short, all you need to carefully consider and find out before you breed exotics in their respective yards, so as not to get a little domestic nightmare with catching giant cockroaches instead of a tropical Paradise.

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