Fancy rats

Fancy rats have been bred only recently. At the moment there is great species diversity of domesticated rats.

Appearance description

Because species of domestic rats very much, specific descriptions of appearance no. The ears may be as hairless and covered with sparse fine hair. The tail is either naked, or covered with too short hair. Length wool, its appearance depends on the breed: soft, silky or curly. Permanent color no.

If you decide to purchase a home rat, you should know that it differs from other rodents by cunning, she’s smart enough, curious. That is why it is so much to teach, to train, to tame. According to experts, the male pet rats are more calm and affectionate than females. Feature of decorative rats is that when they’re happy, they creak teeth (purr). You can the first time and will not hear, but if you put a rat closer to your ear, you will feel a slight vibration.

The pros and cons of types

Rat unpretentious in the content. This pet is suitable for those who rarely get a home. But with animals you have to be careful. Releasing her to walk around the house, you can accidentally not to notice it and pinch the door, or pin, if the rat will fall asleep in his chair.

As everyone knows, rats are eating everything that eats people,but we must not forget that there are special feeds, vitamins for rodents. Like any other moving animal, the rat loves to frolic and run, so the cage must be spacious (depends on breed characteristics). Don’t forget that she has to have toys (house, transition ladder, etc.). Don’t forget that rat to produce a better walk, because she needs to examine as often as possible new spaces. With proper care and maintenance of rats, their lifespan is 1.5-2 years (rarely 3-4 years).

Size: from 8 to 30 cm (depending on breed). Weight: males average 350-700 grams, females — grams 230-430. Gestational age: 20 to 25 days. The number of young: up to 20 rat pups.

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