“Feed SPb” – food for dogs and cats.

“Feed SPb” – is a specialized online store of animal feed and other products for your beloved Pets, as well as retail store, located at Zanevsky Prospekt 24/35. Here you can find and buy literally everything you need to care for dogs, cats, birds and rodents:

Food for dogs, food for cats, birds and rodents, treats and vitamin complexes from the leading world and Russian manufacturers (including forages of super premium class) – Eukanuba, Acana (akan), Go Natural holistic, Purina Pro Plan, Pronature, Hill’s, Iams, Orijen, Royal Canin and many others.

The cosmetics and care products for animals, veterinary preparations.

Bowls and feeders, cages and carrying, leashes and harnesses, toilets and fillers, houses and scratching posts, toys, and more – everything you need for a full life of your four-legged friend.

Why buy from us profitable?

Yeah, to buy supplies in St. Petersburg will not be any problems. So why should you choose online store “Feed SPb”? There are several good reasons:

Here you will find hundreds of items are really high quality products. All feeds are presented in the directory have the necessary certificates and comply with international quality standards.

Here you can purchase all the pet neobhodimoje really cheap, because we work directly with official representatives of manufacturers of animal feed and other pet supplies.

We offer you absolutely free delivery, when your order costs 1250 roubles already the next day. In this case, you pay for the goods only after you receive our courier.

In our retail store you can get professional advice on nutrition allowed, the optimal choice of forage and other matters, the maintenance of dogs, cats, birds and rodents.

We want your Pets to always please you with their good mood, perfect health and cheerfulness, and therefore offer you a truly high-quality products and favorable terms of purchases!

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