Getting a pet and who to choose?

Children dream, a huge pain for the parents and just craving for nature is a pet. Probably each of us with a sinking heart was waiting for a child to gift him one, with that wet leather nose and kind eyes… Someone got it, someone-no, but the topic is “let’s have… the kitty (dog, hamster, etc.)” is still relevant.

So, to go on this rather important step or not? And what you need to know before the animal crosses the threshold of the house? Let’s try to decide!

Firstly: why use a pet. Just to play or to make a friend? Maybe just want to start walking in the evenings? Or looking for a way to make money on breeding rare breeds? The answer to this question depends, who will come into Your life.

The second question: who. So, who will for many days waiting for warmth and affection, attention and Your free time. And the main thing is not to succumb to the temptation to take the first favourite mug. Of course, very humane to pick up kitten on the street. I just want to give you some tips, if You are still in search.

Traditional: kitty/doggie. So cat OR dog? This is two huge difference: the cat will live at home, to let my dog out, and up to five times a day at first.

The cat is a domestic bully (with rare exception), from her strict eye not remains hidden no a bouquet of roses or a Christmas tree, a bowl. She walks around the house by itself, even if loves You immeasurably. Here an important point: cats – loving animals. They either need a partner or You will have a lot of problems (howling in a voice small and not quite mischief, a certain odor resistant). If you do not want to injure any animal, nor – way You to the vet. Here pity you need to put aside for later: any vet will agree that the forced abstinence adversely affect the pet’s health, including mental. This also applies to dogs.

Dog – pet serious. It’s not even the size and breed, just communication on a different level. The first year of your puppy’s life that determines his future behavior. If he missed, it will be very difficult to explain to an adult animal that the toilet need to go outside and chew on the jamb not, could be downright dangerous. The dog is a pack animal, it follows: You define who is a leader – either it’s You or the dog itself will decide who; the dog finds the pack of Your family, so always want to be there, just can’t.

Almost traditionally, hamsters, rats, chinchillas, rabbits. It is important to remember that it’s rodents – they have a strong smell that has to be kept in cages (otherwise you can say goodbye to the buttons on the TV remote, wiring and other electronics), pairs of animals could breed (and specifically, even eating the seed, then you need to look at the literature on care). And again, these animals are, by nature, almost all are nocturnal! So it could be a specific irritant at night.

Fish. Most people believe that fish are not allergic. It is not true! The Allergy can be from dry fish food, and aquarium water (fish, sorry too messy). Here the need for preparation is a very important temperature, care, light. Also important is the size of the aquarium, the bottom material and plants. Information can be found on the Internet, the literature or directly in the store to consult (here you can get Amateur).

Third question: where to buy. On the market: a good woman with a bunch of kittens of different ages should not inspire confidence! Here’s why: animals can be collected in basements, usually with different parasites and diseases. Moreover, in “bird markets” of the little creatures with catastrophic speed pick up from each other infection. I personally have a very sad experience: a little kitten was very ill for two months, I had to go to the doctor and make a huge syringe injections twice a day. The outcome was sad – after living for a year (almost without stopping treatment), he still died. It is better to take the animal in a special club (certain guarantees for the breed for Your money) or just the hosts (the Internet is full of proposals, you can select and arrange in advance). In this embodiment, there is a big plus: you can see the parents, to assess the character and temperament, get advice.

Important points for future owners: Pets require time and money. The pet was healthy and well-fed – the vet (to get the address and rates in advance!) + food (good purchase on the advice of a doctor or home-made food and vitamins). If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as sudden sickness of a pet or a sharp deterioration of health, need to be vaccinated. And the first doctor to ask for a list of immunizations for the next year, even if some vaccinations were done by a previous owner. It is possible that when You make an injection, if not the most scary is in front of my eyes. The drug can be purchased at the drugstore, there also you can buy books, food and accessories – it is safer than in the nearby convenience store.

Animals in the house – it’s great! But we are responsible for those who tamed!

Read the article with interest. But there was a question to the author. Do you have a pet at home? Or try on this role and having undergone a number of troubles listed in the article, you are stopped from experimenting? In my opinion this article, it’s best to alienate the person from the desire to have a pet. So much negativity. At least I felt. I would like to add that not enough of those feelings that are pleasant and are positive from contact with these children of nature. And to care and we should care even for potted plants.

Assessment of article: 5

Now I have no animals. But 12 years lived a dog (Airedale Terrier) who was “educated” cats (including “foster” – taken from the street). Until recently was the Siberian-cat, but it was pulled from the window on the first floor (was very tender and beautiful). So I had: rabbit, Canary, turtle, goldfinch. Notice, almost all of getprocedure fell to my share (have the experience), so and left for – well, I can’t in paint to describe what a cat can be an inflammation of his lungs, the dog – atita. In my opinion, people who want to get a pet, should bear some responsibility. And then – dog, great! pussy, super, rests on the handles! and then because of repair all this economy is on the street. You were in a shelter dog for once?

Assessment of article: 5

Regarding shelters and discarded animals, I still think that the majority of dogs. this lost dog. In my experience, the breeder was the case that once bought me a puppy, realized their mistake, and we took the dog, I like to think not as we have become ill, can safely throw out the animal. Although in General you are right. The world has changed. Watched a picture of how two boys age about 10 years, one the owner of the dog, and the second his friend started beating the dog on a walk. This game was so one kept on a leash, and the second kicked. In General, this theme long ago and is discussed on all the forums about the animals. What I feel like saying: “how many times asserted the world – and not for the future.”

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