How did dog breeds over the last 100 years

Dogs live side by side with humans for 10 thousand years. And may we can only guess, who were our very first Pets, so one and a half centuries ago, to look we. In a relatively short period of time some of the rocks under the influence of man has changed beyond recognition.

English bulldog

Bulldog became more dense and chunky: chest became wider, legs shorter and thicker, the muzzle more flattened. On the skin appeared folds. Unfortunately, most modern bulldogs health problems, and they live on average just 6 and a quarter years.

Basset hound

Basset hound became much lower: the rear legs are now shorter, while the ears much lengthened. Muzzle and legs, was shorter, and the skin had more wrinkles.

The boxer

Boxers now shorter and turned up snout, slightly changed body proportions.

Bull Terrier

The bull Terriers have changed the shape of the skull — muzzle became shorter, more massive jaw. In General, they were lower and coronatae.

The West highland white Terrier

And here that is called, find the seven differences. Maybe only the hair is longer and thicker.


Dobermans have become slightly less massive, their head is more smooth. In addition, almost disappeared early representatives of the breed aggressiveness.

Red Irish setter

The breed has hardly changed over 150 years (black-and-white Photograph made in 1879). Setters have become a bit thinner and lighter, with longer and dense hair.

German shepherd

German shepherd dogs became massive and grew a longer coat. Also they have changed the skeleton: dropped croup and widened the chest.


Modern Rottweilers are black with well defined color tan bright brown color on the muzzle, cheeks, under the eyes, on the lower part of the chest and limbs. Wool has become a little tougher. And tails they no longer cropped.

Saluki (Persian Greyhound)

Salukis were much higher and thinner. Now they have long, very thin legs and longer ears.


The fees are noticeably stretched face and body, the Breasts became slightly wider, and the hind legs much shorter.

The Airedale Terrier

But this breed has not changed, unless became “pomognete” and got slightly more elongated snout.

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