How to care and feed newborn puppies

The birth of the first puppy is the most happy moment. Why You ask? Because of this the puppies have to wait all night, and the senses dulled from fatigue. And the wonder of nature, here it’s warm a little fluffy ball. Laying on your palms and meanders. Let me, says my mom.

Emotions emotions. And we need to solve a lot of questions and do a lot of things. Decide to contain the puppies after birth. Option 2: under the dog, or separately in any box or drawer. Will share all the pluses and minuses of both content. Females separate from the content. Pros:

The dog is not crushed puppies

Puppies always warm

They can’t crawl

Host sees, whether the kids eat

The dog will never become a real mother

She is nervous that the kids far away, and she may lose the milk

Puppies can’t eat as much as they need

They don’t feel the warmth of the mother and therefore suffer

The owner have to Wake up at night every three hours to feed puppies

Clean up after them too the owner, not the mother.

I don’t want to insist on the method of growing puppies. Decide for yourself what is acceptable to You. Fear that, what if the dog accidentally crushing one of the puppies, or the calm and happiness of Your pet and its babies.

I will write about obispalia content.

But let’s start of course, with my beloved, sharing content mother and puppies.

How it correctly to organize.

Joint content begins with the birth of the first puppy. The dog can help release the baby from fetal membranes and even from the placenta, but the puppy should not be removed during childbirth. The dog can jump when attempts to.

But we are not afraid that she will crush the baby. It moves and squeaks. When the mom can push the puppy. Then and only then, when you incorrectly organized the place of birth.

So let’s talk about it now.

I’m going to call the place the dogs and puppies during birth and rearing dens. I really like that word.

While the dog is in labor, and it implies a lot of liquid. While taking delivery you can use a large insulated piece of linoleum. There is no rags, no paper. It is not yet fenced space. It’s more convenient for you and the dog. Dog gives birth to puppy on the bare linoleum and starts to lick and to finger. You wipe everything that comes out of dogs, so it was dry. The puppy himself, after he licked his mom to go to the nipple. Even on linoleum it is perfectly up to them gets.

The next puppy is born, when the mother is already feeding and first puppy. She is able to make everything myself and eat the shell and the afterbirth and lick the puppy. And the puppy is able to crawl to the teats. Your task is to wipe the linoleum to dry. And to watch the process, morally supporting our mother.

Put any rags and paper useless. The dog is still going to throw. By the way I hope that in a room where lies a dog no drafts.

This will continue until all puppies are born. Now jetting a dog, you lay the litter, foam rubber, placed on her medical oilcloth large and clean sheets and all the family is hoisted to them.

If you have a fence, can be supplied. I’m just under the foam was tucked rags in the center of the lair was a little hole. Well, then the puppies will not be able to spread. If the temperature in the room where the dog gives birth to more than 18 degrees above zero, no warmers needed. Puppies will dry up, and choose each other will warm your calves.

And most surprisingly, the weakest puppies will be at the bottom and in the center, and the strongest at the top and around the edges. Here it is mother nature thought of everything.

The first five days the dog constantly feeds and obyazyvaet kids. And they constantly eat and sleep. If puppies too much, and that more than eight in a litter, it is likely weak. They will weigh less and is always last in the queue to the nipples.

They can four times a day just to get to the last milk the teats of bitches and to see that their relatives are not kicked. When the two thin persons to gain weight, you can take care of themselves.

Puppies are allocated on the nipples themselves. Since every kid has a favorite nipple. A large number of puppies to eat in two stages. If not to touch kids with the onset of labour, the order is clearly visible.

Eat those who were born before, then who is to appear later. And this line is in principle maintained for the whole suckling life.

During the first days of life, babies need to poop. It is very important for their well-being. And so they emptied my bowels, bladder and female will constantly lick them.

How to tell cold or hot babies. If the puppies are going into a tight bunch, they are cold. If they crawl around the den, they are hot. If they sleep next to each other, it means they are comfortable.

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