Incubators for birds

The main equipment of the hatchery incubators, they are created and automatically maintained environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, atmospheric chemical composition), conditions of mechanical effects on eggs (periodic rotations), ensuring the best development of embryos and the output of young birds. Incubators for poultry output have one or several cameras. The purpose of the incubation chamber divided into an incubation, lead, and combined.

In the incubation chambers is only the incubation of bird eggs, i.e. the development of the embryo to the shell nikleva. During this period, along with the creation of optimum air-heat mode, the importance of periodic reorientation of eggs in space. This is achieved by periodic tilting of the trays with eggs. Therefore, the incubation chambers have a system of rotating trays.

In lead chambers incubators completes the development of the embryos of birds and the breeding of young stock. This process is accompanied by release of large amounts of heat, carbon dioxide and fluff, a considerable oxygen consumption. Lead cameras have a more powerful system of ventilation and cooling. The construction of the camera adapted for frequent and quick cleaning, washing and disinfection.The camera shows the young, trays lead chamber are large compared to the incubation. Eggs are laid in them more freely in a horizontal position. Trays set still. Automatic incubators Hatcher complement and incubation chambers for the volume of processed eggs in the ratio of 1. 6.

Incubators according to the method of service is divided by the Cabinet and room. Cabinet incubators for eggs have an external service, i.e., all operations for loading the trays, setting up of control equipment, monitoring the development of embryos are performed by personnel outside the chamber.

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