Prevention of quarantine diseases of animals

FMD is an acute viral disease of animals (mainly cattle, goats, sheep and pigs), which also hurts people . characterized by intoxication and vesicular-erosive (bubble-ulcerative) lesions of the mucous membranes of the oral and nasal cavities, and skin of the interdigital folds.

Dogs, cats, horses, chickens, ducks, geese do not get sick but can carry the virus.

The causative agent of FMD is stored in the blood and meat of infected animals, is transmitted from one animal to another by contact, through contaminated feed and manure. The pathogen persists for a long time on the health products and litter. An important source of spread of the virus is animal manure, which in such cases should be burned or subjected to biothermal disinfection.

Prevention of foot and mouth disease based on preventing the flow of FMD virus in Schmallenberg disease management and the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The main reasons for the spread of FMD virus are: the virus introduction from dysfunctional disease entities, primarily in connection with illegal importation of animals, animal products and feed; migration (change of residence, tourism), wild animals and birds; the increase in the number of freight and passenger traffic.

IMPORTANT. The main route of human infection is consumption of raw milk of infected animals and by-products . rarely meat. Persons in direct contact with sick animals, the possibility of direct transmission (milking, care, treatment, slaughter), airborne route of infection (breathing, coughing animals), as well as through objects contaminated with their secretions (the contents of the AFL, milk, saliva, exhaled air, urine and faeces). From person to person infection is not transmitted. Children are more susceptible to the virus than adults.

To protect against FMD can clearly adhering to the requirements of keeping and feeding of animals:

– to register animals in a veterinary establishment, a registration number in the form tag;

– comply with hygiene and veterinary requirements for transport, keeping, feeding of animals. Purchase, sale, delivery for slaughter, pasture, placing in the pasture and all other movements and regroupings of animals marketing of livestock products conduct only with knowledge and permission of the state veterinary service ;

– the purchase, transportation and sale of animals when the mandatory presence of accompanying veterinary documents;

– slaughter of animals to produce only in specialized slaughterhouses, to prevent household slaughter;

– to close them in quarantine for 30 days newly acquired animals for veterinary research and treatments;

– inform the veterinary service about the case or about simultaneous mass diseases of animals;

– strictly observe veterinary services for livestock, purchase feed from affluent areas, which should be confirmed by veterinary documents on the data feed;

– systematic deratization and disinfestation;

– buy products in strictly established places (markets, shops, minimarkets, etc.);

– avoid consumption of raw milk purchased from individuals;

– when purchasing meat to demand from the seller the documents confirming conducting of veterinary-sanitary examination.

When there is a suspicion on disease of animals FMD the owner of the animal (the Manager) must immediately report any suspicion to the specialists of the state veterinary service.

African swine fever is a contagious disease of pigs, where the mortality rate can reach 100%.

Effective means of prevention of African swine fever are absent, treatment is prohibited.

In the case of St. Petersburg the hotbed of African swine fever quarantine zone set up within a radius of 150 km from the place of occurrence of the disease. The focus of infection by the decision of the government of St. Petersburg announced a separate household compound or village, or pig farm where sick pigs.

All pigs in the outbreak, are subject to slaughter bloodlessly. Corpses and dead pigs, manure, feed residues, packagings, equipment, wood floors, feeders, walls, fences burned directly in place, not moving from the focus of infection. Of the room where they kept the pigs are a triple disinfection. On the roads leading to the quarantine area, set up barriers and disinfection barriers for the processing of wheels entering and leaving of vehicles, including passenger cars.

In the settlements included in the quarantine zone, restrictions are imposed:

limited movement of vehicles and people: the source of the infection and the quarantine zone entry/exit of vehicles is carried out through a disinfection barrier, the displacement is carried out using disinfection mats;

it is forbidden to trade in the markets of pigs and products of pig production;

prohibited the holding of fairs, exhibitions, other activities related to the movement and accumulation of animal;

liaison offices are prohibited to receive parcels from people with products and raw materials of animal origin.

The emergence of foci of African swine fever inevitably entails significant economic losses associated with the cost to the budget for the works on localization and elimination of foci of African swine fever.

The emergence of foci of African swine fever will inevitably cause significant economic losses of the agricultural enterprises and enterprises on storage and processing of livestock products.

Be AWARE! Most often to the emergence of African swine fever lead unauthorized transportation of pigs and feed, feeding pigs with food waste prefabricated home cooking, a variety of kitchens and canteens, slaughter waste and fodder and grain products that have not undergone heat treatment.

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