The biggest domestic cats

Asher is a rare breed of domestic cats, the growth of which reaches a height of meters and a weight of 15 kg, was artificially bred English biotech company Lifestyle Pets. This is the largest breed of domestic cats .

These amazing creatures were born by crossing the genes of the African Serval, the Asian leopard cat and domestic cats.

Asian leopard cat:

The cat-leopard was given the name of the breed in honor of the pagan goddess Hebrew ushers.

According to experts, these giants behave like ordinary domestic cats: I love to sleep longer, play with the kids. It is argued that the ushers are comfortable with walking on a leash and eat generally the same food that our Barsik. However in large quantities

However, if you fell in love with this breed, do not rush to reach for the wallets: these cats are positioned as exclusive, a year is grown no more than one hundred individuals, each individual is a mandatory sterilization. The waiting list is an average of 10 months.

Oh yeah, every kitten is from $22.000 !

Maine coons were taken over 100 years ago as a large, hardy and beautiful breed of cats survive well in the harsh winters. Only the most hardy individuals with highly developed muscles were able to participate in further breeding.

Maine coons razvivayutsya and reach maturity only 4-5 years. By this age, the weight of males can reach 15 kg, females – less. This large, gentle and good-natured giants. Even the voice sets them apart from other cats. It has a distinct bright vibration. Maine coons rarely meow, and only occasionally and briefly served tender voice that does not correspond to their size.

Important hallmarks of the Maine Coon are the head shape, body and texture. The head is slightly elongated more in length than in width, with a slightly curved profile and high cheekbones, large ears and wide at base, set high, well tufted inside. Tassels on the ears, similar to Rysin. The neck is of medium length, long body, broad chest. Tail same length as body.

Many owners of Maine Coon consider them ideal Pets: appearance, look like clowns, wool, easy-care, loving nature with funny habits and behavior, willingness to “help” in any activity. They will make excellent company for any family, get along well with dogs and other animals.

Maine Coon is an amazing animal that causes self-esteem. It combines remarkable power and strength with a creamy character, the look of a wild beast with a gentle purr. This is a very intelligent and noble animal, which beauty pleases us, as all perfect.

Large, muscular cat with a rectangular body, broad chest and short neck. The wool of its softness ragamuffin remembers the rabbits ‘ fur. Besides the coat of ragamuffin to care just. Cats ragamuffin come in many different colors. Most of the cats of ragamuffin very large. Females weigh 5 to 7 kg, and males 7-10 pounds. These large domestic cats are sociable and friendly. Cats ragamuffin own serene disposition and love to bask in the lap of the owner.

Ragdoll is an amazing representative of cats. it is also called a rag doll, as taking hands is a kind and gentle creature, he relaxes and droops, like a soft, but heavy(10 kg) rag product.

Externally, the Ocicat looks like a wild cat, but do not rush to conclusions – the Ocicat is the most that neither is not afraid of the words “house cat”. Males breed Ocicat large, weigh, on average, 6-7 kg. the Most adorable breed Ocicat – simple, docile nature. Cats Ocicat can be trained to a leash and easy to teach commands. Ocicat cats like being petted, including strangers. They tend to spend most of his time among the people.

The fat cat The fat cat, the weight of which was accurately determined, was Jimmy; it belonged to Thomas Weise from Cairns, QLD., Australia. When on 12 March 1986 the cat has died at the age of 10 years and 4 months, her weight reached 21.3 kg.

The smallest cat Tinker-Toy, the Himalayan-Persian cat, owned by Katrina and Scott Forbes of Taylorville, Illinois, USA, has only 7 cm in height and 19 cm in length.

The oldest cat the oldest cat, the age of which was accurately known, was a striped tabby named MA, put her to sleep when she was 34 years old. Her mistress was Alice St. George Moore of Drewsteignton, gr. Devon, UK.

The most prolific cat Striped tabby named dusty of Bonham, TX, USA, gave birth to 420 kittens . Her last litter she brought June 12, 1952

The old mother cat In may 1987 a 30-year-old cat named kitty, owned by George Johnstone of croxton town, gr. Staffordshire, UK, brought 2 kittens.

Best mountaineer 4-month-old kitten belonging to Josephine Aufdenblatten from Geneva, Switzerland, 6 September 1950, climbed together with climbers to the summit of the Matterhorn (4478 m).

The champion at catching mice Cat named Towser, killed for his life 28 899 mice (owned by Glenturret Distillery Ltd. Perth and Kinross, UK ). She died March 20, 1987

The first cat, named the cat First, about which it is known that she was named, was the Nejd (which means sweet or pleasant). She lived in the reign of Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III, 1479-25 BC

The greatest traveler of hamlet escaped from his cage during a flight from Toronto, Canada, and flew a little more than 7 weeks, having covered almost one million kilometers, while in February 1984, he was caught, pulled from the hull of an airplane.

The richest cat of Ibrahim, the last of the 15 cats that lived in the house of millionaire Ben Pea, a cat got under the will of his master 15 million pounds .

The most expensive cat California silver-spotted cat was purchased for a record $ 24 000$. in January 1937

The most famous cat-Patricia fall, being pregnant, was thrown by angry motorist off a bridge in Portland, PCs Oregon, USA, in 1981, Two fishermen pulled Patricia from the icy water Willamet river. This poor cat lost kittens, but she fully recovered. After this incident, she was repeatedly invited as a guest on exhibitions and programs about cats.

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