The most intelligent dog breeds

Dogs are intelligent Pets. But some of them are real “intellectuals”. The smartest dog breed is border collie, German shepherd, Labrador, Golden Retriever and others.

In the first place – border collie . This dog is very frisky and hard-working, obedient and loyal, playful and responsible. Border collie bred as sporting and herding dogs, as they are easy to remember commands and quickly perform the task.

The poodle is a very smart dog, no wonder they so often take in the circus. However, they perfectly fulfill the role of a hunter or guard. All poodles are loyal and intelligent.

Shepherd – the most intelligent dog breeds, which are legendary. Their uncommon intelligence allows them to work in the emergency services, the army, the police. Dogs have a balanced temperament, they are calm and receptive to new circumstances.

A Golden Retriever enjoys the deserved love in the world. It is a dedicated friend, a reliable companion and a brave rescuer. Golden retrievers get along well with children.

Dobermann is considered evil and capricious, but in fact it is loving and loyal dogs. However, they can show character, if circumstances require. Dobermans are trained for service in the police, to protect and to care for the sick in hospitals.

Shelties are easily trained, faithful,gentle, kind and active. They love children and cater to their masters.

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. They are valued for their good nature, calm demeanour and hard work. They are trained as police, rescue and guide dogs.

Papillons is a charming dog, different intelligence and wit. They can easily learn and know even more than watchdogs.

Rottweilers . like Dobermans, dogs are considered evil, but they become, to put it mildly, unfriendly, only if the owners raise them. In all other cases, this is nurturing beings who often serve as policemen.

The Australian Heeler is a herding breed. She dealt with the herds of cows, goats, horses. Australian dog is hardy and undemanding, active and resolute, hardworking and friendly. Thanks to its gun turrets and reactivity, it can detain criminals.

You can see many other interesting and intelligent of dog breeds with Photos .

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