The most unusual Pets

If you have been thinking which one of Pets to have a parrot, cat or dog, think carefully. Perhaps you will satisfy the most unusual Pets from around the world?

Here is the list who prefer to have at home people from different countries.

Imagine a giant rat with a fluffy fur, the size of a small dog. Such an animal called a wombat . and with pleasure keep in your own home Australians. Wombats are very attached to their owners, constantly chasing their tail. However, it is worth to mention one significant drawback, if you are going to buy at the nearest pet market wombat: at night these marsupials behaving restlessly, digging holes, and can’t sleep.

Americans love insects. Especially those who are not immediately able to detect the curious guests. For example, the giant walking stick is ideal for this role. It is not much different from conventional branches, the length of the insect is 10-15 centimeters. It’s hard to believe, but the stick insects recognize their owners and are well versed in the house.

Anteater — a great pet doesn’t skimp on myshlennostj dog. They respond to their own name and to perform some simple commands — prestiamoci or newspaper owner.

Flying squirrels, opossums or sugar — creature home again Australians. They have a couple, alone they do not live. Cute, gentle animals, like lemurs or our cats, weighing not more than 3 pounds. And they definitely need to walk. But be prepared that they will jump and even fly among the trees!

The larva of Mexican Salamander is the axolotl . Very representative of exotic Pets. Like a smiling tadpole. They are kept in aquariums and maintain them in perfect conditions, otherwise the tadpole will turn into another animal — ambystoma, completely different to what you saw first. One of the most interesting animals .

If you haven’t changed your mind and ran over a kitten or a fish read how to keep any of these animals.

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