The most unusual Pets of celebrities

Celebrity world differ quite extravagant choice of style (clothes, hair), food, cars and even Pets. Not surprising, because they have States, which means you can afford any of both classic and exotic luxury.

Today we will talk about animals. Many actors and musicians have preferred cats and dogs is not standard Pets. Supercoolpics is some of them.

Reese Witherspoon — donkeys

Many know Reese Witherspoon for her roles in the films “legally Blonde” and “walk the line”, only few people know that Pets this actress is a pair of miniature donkeys named Honky and Thin. These cute and peaceful animals and barnyard on the property of the actress in Los Angeles along with other animals.

Steven Tyler — raccoon

Many people are afraid to have these animals, and very vain, because even though they are pranksters, but at the same time very sweet and affectionate. On one of the shows of David Letterman, Tyler admitted that he has a pet raccoon, which he goes fishing, planting him on his shoulder.

Popular guitarist and vocalist of the American rock band Guns N’ Roses just objednatele. Once upon a time he lived at home 80 snakes, many of which he appeared in their music videos. And Slash not just acquiring reptiles, and truly passionate about them and knows about them almost everything. In 2011, he even won the Award leader Tom Mankiewicz for his conservation work and participation in programmes for protection of wild animals.

Leonardo DiCaprio — turtle

Four-legged friend this talented actor is the turtle, which he bought after attending a Conference and exhibition fair of the North American reptile breeders in 2010. At the time of purchase the weight of the turtle reached 17 kilograms, and over time, it needs to exceed 90 pounds.

Audrey Hepburn — deer

Best friend movie legends and fashion icons Audrey Hepburn had a fawn. This animal in the life of the actress appeared in the film “Green mansions”, where the main character everywhere followed the deer. To learn more about animals and get used to it, the actress took it home, and so attached to him that have not been able to leave.

Kristen Stewart — the wolf / dog

Given the fact that the mother of the actress is a breeder of Volkodav, it is quite clear which animals prefer Kristen Stewart. She not only loves its furry friends, but not once acted on their behalf, particularly in relation to issues such as wolf hunting.

Hugh Hefner — the zoo at the playboy mansion

In the mansion of Playboy founder there is a zoo, because he’s licensed. Among animals kept in the zoo, monkeys coati, Tamarina, they, Capuchins and others. In addition, Hefner was an advocate of animal rescue and often attends charity events, collecting funds for environmental protection.

Paris Hilton — kinkajou

Paris Hilton is the owner of numerous animals, not all of which love her. For example, this kinkajou once he bit her hand, because of what Paris had to go to the hospital.

Charlie sheen — water Agama

Charlie sheen was the owner of perhaps the most exotic pet, because it was water Agama, nicknamed Jumper, Jr. Here only the owner of Charlie was poor, and the poor creature died because of lack of care.

In 1970-ies Tippi Hedren shocking that in her house lived an adult male lion who is not only playing with the household pool, but also slept with them in bed.

Vanilla ice — kangaroo

This famous rapper was once the owner of the wallabies nicknamed Baki Bakar.

Nicole Kidman — Alpaca

On the farm this popular actress live South American Alpaca. Kidman is not going to stop these mammals with long necks and eyelashes and planning soon to get snakes.

Salvador Dali — anteater

Somebody pisses on walk the dog, but the famous painter Salvador Dali often could be found walking his anteaters.

Michael Jackson chimpanzee

The chimp Michael Jackson, nicknamed Bubbles, was very spoiled. He often traveled with the singer, and during the tour he’s always had its own cradle. Jackson even managed to teach the animal its famous moon walk. After Bubbles grew older, he was sent to the centre of the large primates, the animal reserve in Florida.

Mike Tyson — Bengal tigers

At the time, Mike Tyson was the owner of three Bengal tigers, the contents of each of which had cost him about 4 thousand dollars a month plus 125 thousand a year for the services of the trainer.

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