The pros and cons of the content of rodents

To have or not a rodent is an issue that requires a responsible approach and specific knowledge about the behavior, content, caring for a pet. This article talks about the advantages and disadvantages of home detention rodents that will surely help you make the right choice. Read and understand all pluses and minuses.

Every parent ever thought about purchasing a pet for your child. The choice of a particular animal depends on many factors, but the most simple and unpretentious category – namely rodents. Little kids love funny furry animals with funny manners. What is the content of rodents? We’ll talk about the pros and cons of their institution at home as a pet.

The pros of the content of rodents as Pets

1. The content of the rodent house is much easier and more economical than classic cats and dogs, and the joy of the child they will bring not less hassle with them at least. Small size, simplicity and low maintenance will make the rodent faithful friend and favorite of both children and adults.

2. Children with very little training are able to cope well with caring for a new pet (of course under adult supervision).

3. Food for rodents, usually inexpensive,they eat a little, and they have enough cage or small aviary.

4. Rodents for home maintenance is an extremely clean animals, often clean their fur. Some of them love to swim.

5. Animals of this type make very quiet sounds, and do not interfere with work or sleep.

6. A variety of breeds and colors will help you make the best choice of the future pet. And some of them are participating in the exhibitions and engage in commercial breeding.

7. Rodents are smart and intelligent animals that respond well to training, bring a lot of joyful moments for the whole family.

So, rodent ought to have, if the apartment is a small space, you do not want to have large, expensive content in the pet difficult to care for. Also to fostering children skills of handling relatively simple animals that do not require serious effort on their part.

Cons content rodents

1. A large number of these species live only 2-3 years.

mice live on average 1-2 years, although some can and 5-6 years;

rats live 2-3 years, occasionally there are rats, whose age is about 6 years or more;

the Syrian hamster lives of 1.5-3 years unlike the normal hamsters that live 12-16 months;

Guinea pigs 6-8 years;

chinchillas live, generally 15 years;

the chipmunks 10 years or more;

rabbits on average up to 12 years.

When choosing a pet it should be considered.

2. Rodents that the name of the species, love is constantly something to chew. This is due to the constant growth of teeth and they need them to grind. Therefore, if the rodent is left unattended outside the cage or aviary, it may affect the furniture, cables, shoes, Drapes or food.

This will help avoid regular walking pet in the apartment under the supervision and placing him in comfortable conditions type of cage or aviary, and not in the cramped dark glass jars or small boxes, where the pet will always try to escape.

3. Rodents also have a pungent smell, so the cage it is advisable to wash every day, but in General the problem is minor, compared with cats or dogs, whose smell clean much harder.

It should be noted that chinchilla due to the absence of sweat glands, the smell is non-existent.

4. Rodents in the bulk, nocturnal animals and can make sounds at night, biting or stomping, but this is easily solved by migrating cells in the spare room or the kitchen.

5. To treat animals carefully, even the most peaceful representative of this group of mammals can bite if to handle it carelessly and hurt.

6. It should also be noted that the rodent can be a carrier of infectious diseases. Particularly vulnerable category – children up to 5 years because of their habit to take the fingers in his mouth and not wash their hands, and still forming immune system.

7. Pets need to communicate with the owner at least an hour a day, but it can hardly be attributed to big cons, because they usually give birth. Unlike dogs, they do not need to walk in any weather on the street, enough to let go to walk around the apartment or to play with him.

It is probably best not to have a rodent families with very young children and those who are too busy, because it should be remembered that even such undemanding animals need care, affection and love.

If the advantages outweighed the disadvantages, the next step is the choice of animal. Be sure to read information about preferred the form of a rodent to create a life of opportunity to your future pet.

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