The smartest animals on the planet

We humans think we are the smartest. We have complex language, we know how to build skyscrapers and museums that exhibit his achievements. The reverse side of our intelligence is the invention of bombs, but let’s not talk today about the sad. However, the more we learn about the animal world, the better we understand that and our neighbors on the planet is also very, very not stupid.

Cognitive abilities of chimpanzees and other primates has long been appreciated, but for the Einsteins among other fauna a lot.

Pigs are perhaps the smartest Pets on the planet. The level of intelligence they can be compared to cats and dogs, but by the ability to solve complex problems, they are markedly superior to balls and Barsik. So pigs can easily understand how the mirror, and begin to study reflected the reality on the subject of food. While the researchers can’t say you see the pig in the mirror they see themselves, and whether you can supply them in a par with monkeys, dolphins and other species that have successfully passed the test for self-identification.

Back in the 1990s, researchers conducted the following experiment. Pigs were trained to move a cursor on the screen and showed them a few doodles. After that, the pigs have set the task: to summarize cursors karakulam, which they saw for the first time. And what do you think? Pigs have coped with the dough as quickly as chimpanzees.

If pigs are the most intelligent of domestic animals, the octopus — genius among invertebrates. To find a way out of the labyrinth and solve a few problems for them is not difficult: octopuses have both short-term and long-term memory. Octopuses can open jars, squeeze into narrow openings and “run” from the cage to the cage for food. They can also be taught to recognize various geometric shapes and patterns.

On top of that, octopi are able to play — and this is one of the signs of an advanced intelligence. Researchers have noticed that the octopus allowed plastic bottles or toys into the stream of artificially generated current in their aquariums and then catching them. Still octopus can wisely use what others seem rubbish: receiving fragments of coconut shell, octopus build shelter.

In many tales the ravens appear cunning deceivers, and their real image is not very different from art. Crows can use tools, equip caches and make future projections on the basis of their life experience. For example, new Caledonian crows use sticks as forks, to get out from under tree bark beetle or larva, and the nuts with hard shells they throw on the roadway, the wheels of cars smashed them.

Australian crows have learned to eat poisonous cane toad without risk to health: they turn the prey back and kills it by a blow of the beak to the throat, where toxic skin very thin, and where easier to get to the edible tripe. Recent studies have shown that crows can recognize a man in the face and even remember the faces for several years. So be careful: who knows how you will avenge the Raven, which you accidentally or deliberately offended.

Dolphins, like humans, live a social life and have their own language, so difficult that people just now have learned partly to understand it. Female dolphins watch over their children several years after their birth, teaching them all the intricacies of existence in the Dolphin society. Recent experiments with dolphins showed that these animals have an idea of the number, and also possess self-awareness — a trait only the smartest mammals.

In 2005, scientists observed a group of Pacific bottlenose dolphins while searching for food. Bottlenose dolphins have proved themselves to dreamers: to avoid injury, turning over stones on the sea floor, they tore off pieces of marine sponge and wrapped it around her delicate nose.

Most large land mammals live in close-knit communities with a complex social hierarchy. Elephants inherent altruism towards other animals, and pregnant females know what kind of leaves they need to chew to stimulate labor.

Elephants know how to use tools and quickly oriented in an unfamiliar situation — so, they throw stones at the fence of wire under tension until it breaks, or damage the wire to escape from captivity, while the giants can coordinate their actions. However, what really puts the elephants on the step above all other mammals is their complex death rituals. Elephants and Neanderthals — the only thing apart from human beings that pay tribute to the dead, for example, when visiting their graves.

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So, it seems, the phrase of Charles Darwin that “…the differences of human thinking from that of animals are more than qualitative, and quantitative in nature” is quite fair. We are not smarter than our neighbours on this planet just for us, reasonable behavior is the main trump card in the struggle for existence. And for them — accessories and…

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