Tips on pet travel

Carriage of Pets is a special topic for conversation. Today there is not a single family that would not live Pets – cats, dogs, birds, fish and other cute and funny animals. Of course, if your family lives one cat, you can transport it to the residence in his car or in the subway in a special bag or cabin for the transport of animals.

And if you have these furry creatures are some. As they say, all in the hands will not keep during the journey. We’ll give you some tips how to transport animals to the new place of residence without psychological trauma for you and your Pets. If you order room moving transport company , rest assured that your Pets will be delivered to your new residence safe and sound.

Rules of transportation

As you know, the living entity is not a soulless thing that can be Packed in a cardboard box and transport to the destination. For each kind of animal you have at home, you need a special cage, bag or house in which the pet would feel comfortable as a long ride in the transport of animals is always stressful.

Therefore, it is very important that in the process of transportation of animals they were accompanied by someone from the family members, whom the animals love and trust him. Pickslide be transported in the same cells in which they live. Cats, as mentioned above in special bags or the houses in which the animals were and left them their smell. It is very important for the well-being of the animal .


The greatest number of orders for suburban travel come in may-June. At this time, generally set to good weather and to move to the country is fine the car “Gazelle” on-Board, where all your belongings will be securely mounted. In a vehicle the vehicles are allowed to transport people and animals, so you, if you wish, you can get a special seat in the back of the car and escort your cargo and Pets to the country.

Order the “Gazelle” is included in the list of services for residential and suburban journeys, so the total cost of transport services and the services of movers will depend on the amount of cargo and distance of the move.

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