Top 10 most intelligent dog breeds

Dogs are truly man’s friends, who are able not only to faithfully look in eyes and wagging tail, but also to work, to entertain and even to share joy and sorrow. Since then, as the dog and man became friends, he brought a variety of breeds – from the small, like the Chihuahua, to the largest, which are considered Irish wolfhounds and other related breeds. Let’s see what dogs are considered the most intelligent.

10. The Australian cattle dog . This breed was developed by Australians who needed a reliable assistant for observations of huge flocks of sheep. This breed is known for its intelligence, ability to understand the owner perfectly, easy to train. These dogs are not just driven obedient sheep, they are able to cope with the stubborn – easily biting animals, they force them to go where indicates a shepherd.

The breed was developed relatively recently (19th century), and their ability widely used today. Note that this is a very active dog and Executive.

9. Rotveller . This breed is perfectly familiar to domestic readers. Today’s rotweiller came from a similar breed only those dogs were larger, uncropped tails, and the main purpose of rotellaro ancestors – to bring down cattle. Yes, exactly, it was a dog-killer, who could do with a cow and a large bull is thus the main scorers could only handle the dogs, and not work independently.

Today’s rotweiller somewhat less, but still the breed is distinguished by strong, broad skeleton, large jaw. However, these dogs are not stupid – on the contrary, their mental abilities are widely known. Rotveller sometimes work for the police, some time ago the owners of these dogs trained them to carry firewood and other burdens on the markets or home. You need a defender? You found it.

8. Papillon . Representatives of this breed very beautiful and smart – that’s such a good hybrid of modernity. Papillon were and remain the symbol of elegance. During the Renaissance many dignitaries, including kings, kept dogs of this breed.

7. Labrador Retriever . Representatives of this breed were very popular among the people of all countries. The victorious path of this breed began with Newfoundland and Labrador now retrievers are in almost every country of the world. They, like rotwiller, serve in the police – after all, these dogs are able to detect even small doses of drugs.

They are used as guide dogs, people, blind from birth or those who became blind because of an accident. In addition, Labrador retrievers work as lifeguards.

6. Shelties . Dogs of this breed have a strong resemblance to the collie, but they are not. Originally, Shelties also herded sheep in our time, they continue to do it, and besides, Shelties live in cities.

Shelties have very good hearing and smell, and despite its apparent decorative effect, able to protect his master.

5. Doberman Pincher . Many people think dogs are stupid. But it is not just Dobermans need to be trained, otherwise you get uncontrolled dog that does whatever he wants. There were these dogs in 1800, when there was a need in the breed that will be able to defend and attack.

To train representatives of this breed is necessary, otherwise their brilliant mind will go on equally eminent antics. A very active dog that can protect its owner.

4. Golden Retriever . Has a lot in common with the Labrador Retriever, but a Golden Retriever smarter. These dogs are considered family – and so it is. Retrievers are very friendly, they love children, they grasp everything on the fly and is able very quickly to learn.

Can also be rescuers, to detect drugs, work guide. By the way, retrievers are very patient.

3. The German shepherd dog . In fact, German shepherds and nothing special to say – everything is clear and so. Representatives of this breed starred in many films, and some even was a Central figure.

These dogs are very capable, they can be used as a guard and as a home dog and as a police officer. For some reason in recent years the popularity of this breed is on the decline and replaced by many exotic species, which are not as smart as the German shepherd.

2. Poodles . Surprised? In fact, poodles are very smart dogs, and are able to ride in the circus, showing tricks. Previously served as poodles and rescue workers, and observers. They swim well and is able to save a drowning person. Of course, poodles are a huge variety – there are large poodles, have small. There are even hunting poodles, hunting together in the owners of the birds.

Larger representatives of this breed can be a good defender, so don’t treat them lightly.

1. Border collie . Dog handlers from all over the world will recognize this breed as the most intelligent. These dogs are not slackers, they like to work. About the border collie they even say that the representatives of this breed live to work.

Very easily amenable to training, friendly, love children. In General, can be used anywhere – as security guards, and as a nanny, and just like home smart dog. In our country these dogs are not so common, but their popularity is steadily growing, and it may well be that they will not be rare on the streets.

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