TOP 10 most weird animals

Squirrel, or they just squirrel monkey. The cost of this sweet miracle – about $4 thousand a Body length of 35 centimeters complements the 40-centimeter tail. The monkey fur is incredibly soft, and nature friendly.

Decorative hedgehog. Is such a miracle in the needles around 1300 USD. Depending on the species, range and price. Decorative hedgehogs differ from conventional and weight, and temperament – these literally need affection and rarely curl up in a ball.

Snail. African snail Asahina – the most unpretentious pet among all. She stands about 5 – 20 UAH. but very easy to find those who simply want to give her. Snails are easy to care for, they can be left safely at home on vacation. And the mucus is good for skin. Rinse snails under running water, you can put it on your face for a few moments, then slime to use as a mask for 10-15 minutes.
Python. Prices on pythons are very different – all depends on the breed and age. On average, it is about 2 thousand UAH. Pythons are also easy to care for, and very friendly.

Ferret. Baby ferret costs about 300 USD. This beautiful animal will not leave anyone indifferent! Gentle, soft, with him and want to spend publisheremail.

Tarantula. Someone this spider may seem like a terrible monster, and others swear by him. Is tarantula from 100 UAH. We warn you if you have a phobia, buy spider – not the best way to combat fear. In this case it is better to buy… chicken!

Chicken. Decorative chicken can be grown at home from the egg, which costs only 20 USD. But it’s not easy. Depending on the age of living birds, the price is 400-500 UAH. To care for it, however, in behavior it still remains true

Mini-pig. There is a small decorative gilt from 1500 UAH. up to €2 thousand And interestingly, the price increases as the reduction of the animal. Who mumps have very unusual house indeed. Walking down the street with it, you will always be in the spotlight!

Cockroach. This terrible insect is worth about 20 USD. Are you willing to be in a room with such a monster, or does he seem nice?

Ant farm. On such entertainment will have to spend at least 150 UAH. Depending on the number of ants and ant farm, you may need to pay more than a thousand hryvnia. But you’ll always be in the company of hundreds of ants and complain about loneliness!

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