Transportation of animals on the train

In accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of economy of the Republic of Belarus dated 26.10.2012 N 90 “on tariffs for the carriage of passengers and Luggage by railway transport in urban, regional and interregional lines and making addenda to decree of the Ministry of economy of the Republic of Belarus of 12 may 2011 N 73”:

17. Fee for transportation of large breed dogs, small Pets and birds in carriages with numbered seats (except cars ST) is levied on each place or thing as for 20 kg of Luggage.

Fee for transportation of small animals and birds in cars with unnumbered seats will be charged from each place or thing in the amount of 50 percent of the full cost of the travel document (ticket) to the destination of the passenger.

71. Transportation in trains with numbered seats small Pets and birds is allowed in all cars (except sleeping (SV) and superior carriages) in the presence of a veterinary certificate or veterinary certificate and payment in accordance with Zakonodatelstva Belarus.

72. Small Pets must be placed in boxes, baskets, cages, containers or bags with absorbent waterproof bottom and a bird in the cage and be placed freely on the ground, designed to accommodate hand Luggage. When transporting small animals and birds the passenger should enforce measures of security and sanitary-hygienic mode in the car.

73. Are not allowed to transport wildlife.

74. Shipping large breeds (height at withers more than 50 cm), including service, performed in a muzzle and with a leash upon presentation of the veterinary certificates or veterinary certificate corresponding form:

in a separate compartment (not more than two) with payment of all places on the full cost of travel documents (tickets) and charge additional fees for the transportation of large breed dogs in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. On the travel documents (tickets) marked as “Luggage at hand”;

in the vestibule (if any) of regional train lines economy class (no more than two dogs) under the supervision of chaperones.

Passenger carrying large breeds must be at least sixteen years, and if the dog is potentially dangerous breed — adult.

75. Group transportation dogs allowed only by prior request addressed to organizations of the Belarusian Railways in separate cars on a rental.

76. Responsible for compliance with hygienic requirements is the responsibility of accompanying the animal or poultry, who shall ensure appropriate cleaning of the car.

77. The passenger is obliged to reimburse all losses that will arise due to the violation of rules of transportation of small Pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.), as well as large breed dogs.

§ 3. Carriage of Pets by passengers in their cars direct international connections are prohibited, except Pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.).

Transportation of Pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) is allowed only in a separate compartment not more than two animals (birds) in one compartment. In this case the passenger (passengers) must pay the cost of travel documents by the number of seats in the compartment. Transportation of Pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) and dogs are allowed only in a separate compartment not more than two animals (birds) in one compartment. In this case the passenger (passengers) must pay the cost of travel documents at the full rate by the number of vacant seats in the compartment.

Animals and birds should be placed in boxes, baskets, cages and be placed freely on the ground allowed for cabin baggage.

On passenger trains freight of large breed dogs, except for guide dogs is made in the baggage wagons in special containers with accompanying, which should pass in the same train.

Carriage dogs, Pets and birds in passenger cars and the baggage cars of long trains is charged with things or places as for 20 kg of Luggage.

§ 5. The passenger himself must take care of one piece of hand baggage, as well as about which are with him small Pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.).

The passenger assumes full responsibility for the violations carried them in possession of animals or birds health and sanitation requirements and must ensure proper cleaning of the car.

§ 6. The passenger should compensate for all losses that may occur due to the violation of the provisions on the carriage of hand baggage, Pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.).

§ 7. Passengers-blind are allowed to carry dogs in General and second-class carriages for free. Transportation in couchette cars for guide dogs is carried out in accordance with § 3 of this Article without the payment for the transportation of dogs.

In such cases the transport documents for the dog are not issued.

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