Unusual Pets Kenyans

Hyenas in Africa began to tame since time immemorial. They are easily domashniaya, it is teachable and, most importantly, loyal to the owner. And betrayed no worse than dogs, and maybe better. With them go hunting and as a formidable guard.

On some sites of ancient people found bones of hyenas many times more than the bones of other animals. Homemade hyenas are well known from the history of Ancient Egypt. In General, the Egyptians tried to domesticate many animals for hunting with them for keeping as exotic decoration or just for food. The hyena, probably, has not passed none of the IFI. On papyri from Egypt there are images of hunting with hounds on the hyena, hunting with hyenas on a Gazelle, there are scenes of domestic feeding hyenas until enforced (like now, for example, by force feeding geese to obtain an enlarged liver). In principle, the hyena has adapted to long periods of hunger, but if food tucks, she can eat a lot.

“Striped hyena tamed quite easily. While in Khartoum, I bought a couple of young puppies for 50 cents. They have fun jumping at the sight of me, put his front paws on my shoulders, walked me through the streets, during our lunch sat on his hind legs like dogs, waiting for handouts. They very willingly nibbled sugar, but also eat bread, especially dipped in tea, but usually their food was dog, which we purposely shot in the area” (Alfredsen, transl. by Alexander Nikolsky).

The jaws of spotted hyenas are some of the most potent among mammalian predators. Them it can scare even a lion and easily crack the largest bones of the Buffalo, and the digestive system is able to digest them.

The hyena is an amazing beast, in their clans there is an absolute matriarchy, and females are the most caring mothers among predators, unlike lions, the female drives the male from the extraction so that the kids could eat first.

Manual hyenas in the service of Kenyans:

Baboons may well be Pets. They perceive the owner as a family member and who is stronger than he and will be the leader.

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