What animals to have in the apartment?

Thought here over Pets. For me Pets are cats and dogs. Friends only normal person in the conditions of city apartment. But none of them I can’t, maybe I’m allergic to them. To cats generally hellish.

But there are a bunch of crazy people who have exotic animals that define their diagnosis. Decided to collect all of whom Lodge at home and discuss them all in one post.

I agree that to a normal pet (if I may say so), should include fish. They’re cool. If you bother with their service.

Normally look like Canaries or small parrots. But I’m not parrots would lead. In my opinion these are useless.

But who exactly doesn’t need winding, so it’s a huge parrots! They only have cons. Yelling, talking, live a very long time! In General, completely useless on the farm and besides, you are torturing them without giving to fly.

Well what good are they? What are they for. Sooner or later all the same will have to tell the kids that they went on a trip.

With all the grace of a raccoon, these are real wild animals that are not adapted to life in the apartment.

My friend was a lemur. Always thought she was weird. She was a lemur, who lived the night. And at night he loved to hunt her down and bite.The result was that he fell beyond the shower stall to her to save him, had to break it 🙂

This includes all cold-blooded, including snakes and cockroaches. It’s fucked up. All.

Turtle is just useless. It is not clear why it is needed. Very slow. Stupid. Not clear is asleep or she died.

Oh, a separate level of schizophrenia is ferrets. They always, emphasize always strange owners! Besides, ferrets are useless beings that eat, shit everywhere and they stink. Very much stink.

Chinchilla I appreciate only in the form of products. In the home they are just as stupid and useless as ferrets.

Fashion rabbit went not long ago. And in my opinion it sucks.

Very strange animals.

There is another category of people who follow their idols. But it is also very sad.

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