Why do people have Pets?

The most important advantage over conventional animal toy – it’s alive. Goes, plays, does all kinds of unpredictable actions. For the baby pet becomes companion and friend. You can play with him, to talk, to share their joys and sorrows, who do not see or understand the adults busy with their “boring” things. This is especially noticeable friendship at the closed and unsociable children, deprived of the attention of peers and parents. Animals brighten their loneliness, be the an outlet that relieves stress and negativity, the diversity of life.

Medical studies have shown that the presence of Pets increases the stress, normalizes blood pressure, reduces the postoperative recovery period. Many people have Pets, going on about fashion trends or trying to stand out by the presence of the representative of the exotic “foreign” fauna. Typically this leads to negative result in mind, a wrong choice of animal and the errors in its content. In addition, the majority of sellers are not able to give the right advice when selling. Deciding to have a pet, you need to clearly decide for yourself what You expect from it. Of course, to have a home to live corner of nature is good. But it is necessary to correlate desires and possibilities. Not every animal can normally exist in the proposed conditions.

Not to sleetproof representatives of living nature, cohabitation with whom is impossible. They are divided into two categories. The first group includes animals, increased requirements to its content in captivity. The second group are beings that represent “one continuous trouble”. Animals of both groups are widely represented in the pet stores.

The choice of pet depends on a number of factors. First, the stability of Your nervous system. Secondly, from Your daily routine: how often and at what time You are home. Third, from the desire to create in your home cozy corner of living nature, which allows at least for some time to forget about the existence of a metropolis with all its “charms”. Fifthly, from a secret hope to acquire a loyal and trusted friend.

If the limit of desire is a quiet, peaceful and calming atmosphere, then Your choice of aquarium. Monitoring the flowing movements of water animals will relieve the stress and soothe the nerves. If You are sickened by the silence – a couple of song birds cheer the atmosphere of Your home. Seeds serving as food, inexpensive, and essential herbs designed to periodically vary the diet, it is easy to find.

Wanting to brighten up the loneliness, and, like Byron’s, “know that there are eyes who will notice your appearance, and the look that flashes brighter when you” buy a dog. The conventional wisdom that contain four-legged friend at home is cruelty, it is not reasonable. Everything is in Your hands. Care and attention does wonders. The more time You spend with your pet, the happier he will be. And giving the dog the opportunity to accompany yourself, You will bring it to the top of bliss. Attachment to master knows no bounds. A true friend can spend hours without a murmur and wait patiently his master, lying at the door of the Cabinet, for brief moments of happiness – ten minutes walk to the beloved master. The unbridled joy of a dog at such moments will inevitably lead You in a good mood. However, friendship and love should be mutual. Take responsible care to four-legged friend. Life is fleeting. The dog she is 10-15 years. Parting with a pet is inevitable.

The most important thing when choosing a pet – Your real desire and willingness to purchase is this animal, not reckoning with the financial expenses and indispensable a hassle to care for him and his upbringing. Only in this case success

Your event will be provided. Concerns on the content of a pet will be much less, if You will have the opportunity to buy a pet, already past elementary education in the experienced hands of a person, professionally engaged in the breeding of this species. In this case, you can overpay. The costs will be rewarded a hundredfold.

Urban dwellers, most of the time sitting at work, and weekends out of town, is unlikely to feel the beauty of having the apartment song birds. By removing the cage and poured fresh food, You go about his urgent business and will not be able to enjoy the trills and roulades of their Pets. The purchase of domesticated pygmy owl or some species of small nocturnal animals, beginners active in the evening when You return after a “righteous work” will allow to combine rest with the contemplation of their “frills”.

Small mammals unfairly overlooked the attention of animal lovers. From a huge number of variations is very popular, only mice, rats and Guinea pigs. For example, Golden (Syrian) hamster is ideal for the city dweller, tired of the daily hassle. Lively and cheerful, he quickly shoves food face, funny wielding paws like hands. Completely non-aggressive, tries to bite me when handled. Gladly spins the wheel and runs on ladders placed in the cage. Room temperature (20-22 degrees) is quite comfortable for its existence. Food for Golden hamster (mixed grain) easily buy in any specialty store, and fresh lettuce and carrots in the vegetable section of the supermarket.

Experienced animal lovers can try their hand at the exotic animal content. However, you should weigh all the “pros” and “cons” before you undertake such an experiment. It is not always possible to provide the necessary living conditions and nutrition, which will lead to dire consequences for the pet results. Do not succumb to the momentary impulses and to condemn the “pet” to suffering. Responsibility and love are the necessary alloy for happy existence of the owner and pet. Always remember, said Antoine de Saint-Exupery: “We are responsible for those who tamed”.

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